Full Truck Load

New Malwa Express Inc provides a reliable way to move your product from one location to another with lower operating costs. This full-service road transportation mode is often used for bulk transfer of commodities for domestic and commercial purposes. A wide variety of vehicles are available with different payload capacities to ship customers’ goods in a single shipment.


Less-than-load shipping is specifically designed to handle small couriers. In this, shipments from multiple customers are combined which makes it quite budget-friendly for the customers. In LTL shipping, with New Malwa Express Inc, products are delivered in the fastest, safest, and timely manner for 100% customer satisfaction in all the locations.


We have a safe place for storing goods at different locations. A seamless end-to-end solution is provided to store finished goods, prepare items for storage, pack, and ship orders. Our dedicated warehousing services and distribution operations are available at different locations to cater everybody’s needs, requirements, and demands.


New Malwa Express Inc storage system is centrally controlled for complete information on goods’ load alignment, dispatch, and packing. The speedy and precise shipping of goods ensures proper tracking of extensive networks of the warehouses. The barcode helps us to track the manufacturing and take care of storage and inventory.


In our third-party logistics, our team is involved in storing shipping items of one or more facets. From distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services, New Malwa Express Inc provides any number of services dealing with the logistics of the supply chain. Warehouse Management Software has significantly improved warehouse tracking and efficiency.

Cross Dock Services

Consolidating the shipments of clients from various suppliers is required to survive in this era of online shopping. It reduces the number of deliveries that result in making the transport process more efficient and cheaper. Our representatives collect deliveries from sub-suppliers and ship it to you without any delays.

Pup Trailers

Pup trailers are available in a variety of configurations to haul all sorts of payloads. They have gained popularity for distinctive capacity in hauling any bulk load. It is half the size of a full container to transport goods, products and loose material like sand, coal or rocks.

Train Trailers

New Malwa Express Inc caters to heavy-hauling needs with the correct type of transportation. After figuring costs, path, and schedule of the delivery, our reliable vehicle is set for your industrial use. Transparent pricing and superior customer service on every type of transportation are available.

Flat Bed

New Malwa Express Inc offers flatbed trucking for goods transported in bulk with affordable rates and on-time delivery. Customer services provide 24×7 assistance when the product is moved. Flatbed standard and specialized solutions help customers choose the right trailer for their operations with point-to-point and door-to-door delivery service.

Dry Vans

People prefer shipping large goods in sealed, fully enclosed trailers especially for international freights. New Malwa Express Inc offers dry van shipping services at competitive market prices, in every season for large volumes of goods, freight, and equipment to protect them from the external influence of weather and other conditions.


New Malwa Express Inc is equipped with state of the art infrastructure required for handling reefer containers to maintain the cargo at the required temperatures and also offers best, a tailor-made end-to-end refrigerated transport solution for preserving the condition of our customers’ cargo until the shipment is delivered.